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Cindy Crawford


Cindy Crawford

James Franco shirtless appreciation



I feel like I’ve been waiting like 3 years for a new 3eb album. 😪


So what’s it gonna be?
Are you real to me?
Or are you non-dairy creamer?
A new love is burning up for me,
‘Cause one in four American girls has an STD.
And you can buy yourself some implants,
But you can’t buy a soul that never launched.
Third Eye Blind (via kaiolionheart)


SOTD: “About To Break” by Third Eye Blind

Good Sunday morning, all! Wish I could cook you all breakfast, but this yummy tune about distorted modern culture will have to suffice. 3EB is golden to me, another one of my top 5 bands along with The Killers. And “About To Break” was one of my favorite tracks off of their most recent release.

The anxious criticism on modern discrimination and human fault is reflected in the song’s slow build until it explodes in the chorus only to end with the glimmering hopefulness of lines like “When I see your face, I wanna be in the human race.”

Like most musicians I’ve ever talked to, Stephan Jenkins is one I reminisce about often when I listen to 3EB and kick myself for not asking the questions I only now have!

No worries.

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third eye blind ‘97-‘14


Our Modern Maharani muse!

Harper’s Bazaar, January 1994
Model: Yasmeen Ghauri 
Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 1994 RTW